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Tom Waits - Another Man's Vine - Songtext

kostenlose Songtexte » Tom Waits - Another Man's Vine

Bougainvillea's bloom and wind
Be careful mind the strangle vines
The roses climbing through the blind
Cause the sun is on the other side
The bees will find their honey
The sweetest everytime
Around a red rose
I see a red rose
Red rose blooming on another man's vine

Golden Willies gone to war
He left his young wife on the shore
Will she be steadfast everyday?
While Golden Willie is far away
Along the way her letters end
She never reads what Willie sends

I see a red rose
I smell a red rose
A red rose blooming on another man's vine


Eingesendet von: Ondra am 20. 01. 2009 um 15:07.
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