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Tom Waits - Whistle Down The Wind - Songtext

kostenlose Songtexte » Tom Waits - Whistle Down The Wind

I grew up here now all of my life
But I dreamed someday I'd go
Where the blue-eyed girls and red guitars and
The naked rivers flow

I'm not all I thought I'd be
I always stayed around
I've been as far as Mercy and Grand
Frozen to the ground

I can't stay here and I'm scared to leave
Just kiss me once and then
I'll go to hell, I might as well
Be whistlin' down the wind

The bus is at the corner
The clock on the wall
Broken down windmill
There's no wind at all
I've yelled and I cursed
If I stay here I'll rust
I'm stuck like a shipwreck
Out here in the dust

The sky is red and the world's on fire
And the corn is taller than me
The dog is tied to a wagon of rain
And the road is as wet as the sea

And sometimes the music from a dance
Will carry across the plains
And the places that I'm dreaming of
Do they dream only of me?

There are places where they never sleep
And the circus never ends
So I will take the Marleybone coach
And be whistling down the wind
so I will take the Marleybone coach
Whistling down the wind


Eingesendet von: Ondra am 23. 01. 2009 um 12:32.
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